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Golf Course Overview

Have you played Garrisons Lake recently?  If not, be sure to make plans to take on this fun and challenging layout with family and friends…


  • 18 holes – par 72
  • Black – 7,060 yards – 73.7/128
  • Red – 6,698 yards – 72.3/122
  • White – 6,262 yards – 71.6/125
  • Orange – 5,677 yards – 67.4/118 (ladies 72.8/123)
  • Green – 5,046 yards – 64.1/111 (ladies 68.5/121)
  • Gold – 4,299 yards – 60.7/107 (ladies 64.4/117)
  • Blue – 3,456 yards – 56.9/102(ladies 59.7/112)
  • Recently renovated and improved
  • Five sets of tees enable all levels of ability to enjoy the course
  • Large putting green and full service practice range available
  • Private instruction available
  • Pro Shop & Snack Bar on site

Family Tees

Garrisons Lake Golf Club is proud to have designed and implemented a Family Tees system that makes the game more available than ever to players of all ability levels. Normally, a golf course might have three – maybe four – sets of tees that have a total variance of 1500 to 2000 yards. However, Garrisons Lake is pleased to offer seven sets of tee boxes from which to play that vary from 3,456 yards to 7,060 yards. That means that Garrisons Lake can play less than HALF the distance for juniors, beginners, seniors, or anyone that doesn’t hit the ball quite as far as another. Plus, you can “dial in” your ideal yardage on the driving range prior to play. Let’s say your driver lands at 175 yards – the Green Tees (at 5,046 yards) are ideal! Or, perhaps your driver lands at 250 yards – you should be playing the Red Tees (at 6,698 yards). There’s helpful signage at the range and on the first tee to help direct you.

With seven sets to choose from, there is no reason you shouldn’t find Garrisons Lake to be fair and fun no matter what your capacity for distance is! Golfers love to be able to hit irons into par fours again – and to have that chance at par – or even birdie – more often! Said one frequent guest, “I am enjoying golf again more than I ever thought possible. Our group is still challenged – but not frustrated – and can play the course as it was meant to be played!”

Each set of tees has its own proper course rating and slope for handicap purposes. But, just for fun, you can even mix things up a bit – playing the course a bit longer on the par threes, but shortening it up a bit on the par fives and longer par fours. Just one more reason why Garrisons Lake Golf Club is “your place to play!”

Which Tees Should I Play From Today?

With seven tee locations on each hole, every golfer, regardless of skill, can play at a good pace, shoot lower scores, and have more fun. Based on driver distance, find your recommended tee location from the chart below.

Recommended Tee Locations Based on Driver Distance

Driver Carry Distance Total Distance with Roll Recommended 18 Hole Yardage
Blue 100 yards 125 yards 3456 yards
Gold 150 yards 175 yards 4299 yards
Green 175 yards 200 yards 5046 yards
Orange 200 yards 220 yards 5675 yards
White 225 yards 240 yards 6262 yards
Red 250 yards 265 yards 6698 yards
Black 275 yards 290 yards 7060 yards
Garrisons Lake