The Employee Of The Quarter Award is earned by the Garrisons Lake Golf Club team member who, via one remarkable example of extraordinary service, a consistent pattern of delivering exceptional guest service, or both, “embodies a genuine and tireless ‘spirit of hospitality’ in the way that he or she engages with our guests.  An Employee of the Quarter will distinguish himself or herself with courtesy, empathy, enthusiasm, hard work, and determination.  He or she will, by word and deed, make a lasting positive impression on both guests as well as fellow team members each of whom will be inspired to emulate the effort and attitude of the Employee of the Quarter.”  Winners of the Employee of the Quarter Award will also exemplify the Forewinds Hospitality credo of, “Satisfaction is never enough.  Guests must be astounded – every visit – every experience – every day.”

Employee of the Quarter Award Winners

Dominic Buszko

3rd Quarter

Dominic joined the team at Garrisons Lake towards the end of the 2020 golf season, just over one year ago. As a Pro Shop attendant, Dominic has made an immediate positive impact on not only the team dynamic, but the passholders and guests themselves.

Dominic is a graduate of Smyrna High School in Smyrna, and currently is a college student studying Automotive Technology at Delaware Technical Community College. Dominic balances all his academic responsibilities with his work commitments remarkably well. His enthusiasm and optimism is notable, and even toward the end of a long shift, Dominic is always one to have a warm word or a friendly comment for any guest with whom he may interact.

Especially throughout 2021, Dominic’s leadership qualities have grown. There are many times when he is the primary resource for questions and guest service at Garrisons Lake. Dominic is thorough, showing poise and confidence when things get busy and he’s the only one in the Pro Shop. Dominic has clearly become one of the “go-to” people on the team for whatever a guest or fellow team member might require.

Dominic’s qualifications for this award were quickly agreed upon unanimously at a recent meeting of managers and Forewinds Hospitality staff. Everyone agreed he was a most deserving candidate for this honor. Leading this sentiment was Steve Farrell, PGA, who is the General Manager at Garrisons Lake. “Dominic’s take-charge work ethic, pleasant attitude and willingness to learn new tasks make him the ideal person to be recognized with this award,” said Farrell. “Our property is one that operates with a relatively limited staff, so having someone that you know you can count on is imperative. He has stepped up in taking on extra work shifts, working independently on busy days, and supporting other team members. I couldn’t be happier to have Dominic on the team.”

Kyle Lavender

2nd Quarter

Kyle joined our team very recently, just earlier this year, making his nomination and recognition even more extraordinary.  Kyle is the Assistant Superintendent at Garrisons Lake Golf Club, and works with Superintendent Michael Biederman and the rest of the agronomic team to deliver the very best playing conditions possible to the golfers, guests and Annual Golf Passholders at Garrisons Lake.

When Kyle first joined our team earlier this season, the course was recovering from some turf health challenges that required a sustained and careful execution of a plan coupled with continual supervision.  Kyle was able to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the crew that was tasked with the implementation of the recovery plan.  The conditions the golfers and guests of Garrisons Lake are enjoying now are due in large part to the time and talent of Kyle and the rest of the agronomic team.

In addition, Kyle has been instrumental in the construction projects that are taking place on the golf course itself.  As several new tees are built, sodded, and prepared for play, Kyle has been a big part of that effort.  As other areas of the course are renovated, sodded or upgraded, Kyle’s input, experience and recommendation are pivotal in our future success.   Kyle helps guide the rest of our team, leads by example, and is always engaged in the task at hand to make the conditions and consistency of the golf course as good as possible.  He’s proven to be trustworthy, hardworking, and dedicated in whatever it takes to leave the golf course better than he found it that morning.

Kyle’s nomination was quickly agreed upon unanimously at a recent meeting of managers and Forewinds Hospitality staff.  Each were quick to endorse Kyle’s nomination and further recommend him for this honor.  One enthusiastic manager was Steve Farrell, PGA, who is the General Manager at Garrisons Lake.  “Kyle’s impact on our team and our golf course conditions has been immediate,” said Farrell.  “We are fortunate to have many reliable and talented members of our team, and the grounds crew is no exception.  However, Kyle’s effort and commitment to the job at hand was noticed by many, and we are already seeing the results of his addition to the team on the golf course.  He’s very rapidly become a trusted colleague to Mike Biederman, and a role model for the rest of the crew.  The entire golf course operation is better as a result of his efforts.”

Al Denker

1st Quarter

Al has been the mechanic at Garrisons Lake Golf Club since 2016.  In that time, Al has proven to be as valuable an asset as any we have at Garrisons Lake.  First of all, Al does all you could imagine a great mechanic to do.  He can fix anything, is incredibly creative with repurposing, reengineering, or simply inventing tools, parts and solutions that extend the life of equipment, ensure the safety of our team members, and provide the playing conditions our guests and passholders desire.

Further, Al is very much a regular member of the grounds crew.  The staff at Garrisons Lake is constructed in such a way that Al’s time and talents are frequently needed on the golf course for regular maintenance like mowing, rolling greens, or smoothing bunkers.  In addition to that, Al is a critical piece of our operation where it pertains to special projects.  Anything from spring or fall aerification, to winterizing the pumps and irrigation system – Al is a key contributor to the process.  His extensive knowledge of the history of the golf course and how to maintain equipment and conditions in the most efficient and effective ways – paired with his understanding and efforts on special construction projects –  is invaluable.

Al’s nomination by a fellow team member met no hesitation by any of the other managers at Garrisons Lake or within Forewinds Hospitality.  General Manager Steve Farrell, PGA was very quick to endorse Al’s nomination and further recommend him for this honor.  “Al has been an exceptional contributor at Garrisons Lake Golf Club for many years,” said Farrell.

“This property, due to the dynamics of being a Delaware State Parks facility and what is required on a daily basis, demands a creative and tireless problem solver.  Al knows his stuff – that’s obvious when you first meet him and work with him.  However, it’s been great to watch how Al contributes to the big picture, and desires to understand how the entire business operates and how his part in it contributes to the whole.  He is a very informed and engaged member of our management team, attending staff meetings regularly and always quick with a helpful suggestion or clever solution.  Garrisons Lake is very fortunate to have Al Denker on the team.  We would not have enjoyed the successes we have without his many contributions.”

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